2014 Edge of Autism Walk Support Needed

I have known Jessica Townsend for 20+ years. She is a great mom and one of the hardest working women I know. Would you please consider supporting her and The Tommy Foundation who are dedicated to assisting those affected by autism.

To donate please visit: First Giving and help her reach her goal. More info can be found HERE

She is already at 34%!

Here is a little bit about Jessica and her precious family:


This walk supports am organization that without these people I might not have made it this far in my journey with my kids. They have provided countless supports and events for myself and my kids which without funds from this their only fundraiser these things aren’t possible.

A little about my family:
Tony who is 17 has Aspergers among other diagnosis. He is set to Graduate this year from CVHS. He enjoys his music and is playing the sax in concert band and has an interest in photography and has taken a lot of pictures and even video for the Tommy Foundation and LCAM.
Ethan is 14 and is also has Aspergers. He is in 8th grade at CVMS and is for the most part completely mainstreamed. He excels in most all subjects esp. math and even joined a Math Counts club. He loves to read and play video games.
Zac is 10 and is suspected he too might possibly be on the spectrum. He is in 4th grade at Fritz and has taken up the flute this year. He loves building and Legos. He is very loving and enjoys too much playing Mario and Pokemon with his little brother.
Then there is my twins, they are my typical kids. Lexi and Ryan are 7 and have adjusted well to having so many wonderful and not so wonderful things that go along with living with siblings that have autism. LCAM and Tommy Foundation don’t forget about them either they have events and supports for siblings as well because they understand how hard it can be on them too.
As for me the head of this circus, I am single mom who works as a pediatric nurse and absolutely loves sharing and helping others navigate this journey.I am very grateful for the friendships I have made with my other Autism Mommies.
Thank you for reading a little piece of my life and for your consideration in donating to this cause that has greatly impacted mine and my kids lives.

Many thanks for your support — and don’t forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too!


Jess, Tony, Ethan, Zac, Lexi and Ryan

The End of October


Much Love

Much love to the Fabulous Barb and Teresa. I received the box and love its contents. Oh and also tell Weller-Bee he is AWESOME!!!

The contents you might ask?

Authentic German Haribo Coke Bottle Gummmmies! (My Kryptonite) German Haribo are far superior>>> Taste Test

Business cards for a certain J.R. (that’s just cruel)

Misc pieces to a laser printer.

Candy dispenser.

Not one, but three tins of Altoids (empty)

The greatest I.D. card ever made…EVER

Love you guys and miss you very much.


The Celion Dion belting, Frank Sinatra loving

Micah Wyatt

DSC_2521 DSC_2522 DSC_2523


Summer Vacation

It’s that time again. SUMMER VACATION!!! Was blessed to have my mom fly up for a week here in Minnesota. What a great week it was.

On Saturday after she flew in we visited Fort Snelling State Park. We were amazed to see many deer just roaming the park. including a pregnant female who looked ready to drop any minute. The birds and flowers were awesome, the mosquitoes however were not. They were dive bombing us.  On Sunday we went to Mall of America and had a blast at the Nickelodeon Studios Theme Park.  Monday I drove us down thru Wisconsin (mom can now say she has been there) on Highway 35 to Wabasha, MN. to the National Eagle Center. We had an awesome lunch at Stacy’s Kitchen (highly recommended) Then we spent a better part of the day at the National Eagle Center, which by the way has LIVE eagles!!! Thursday we drove up to Duluth. It was foggy and 59 degrees when we arrived.  We drove up Highway 61 which runs along Lake Superior and stopped in Two Harbors for lunch at Betty’s Pies. Of course we couldn’t leave there with out pie.  We then drove north to Gooseberry Falls State Park to hike and see the waterfalls. After hanging out there for a few hours we took the kids back down to Duluth to swim in Lake Superior. Kinda crazy when the temperature went from 61 to 91 degrees in the matter of minutes. 

It was a great summer vacation spent by all. Lots and lots of memories were made. So thankful my mom could spend the week with us.


P.S. For more “artistic” pictures head on over to wyattphotography.